Sunday, June 6, 2010

Proto Grow

New Natural Fertilizer Doubles Garden Production!

Miracle "Sea Nutrients"
For Award Winning
Size And Flavor!
Natural Fertilizer - Protogrow

Dear Friend,

There now exists a new bioactive plant “Superfood” so powerful, so effective in its ability to grow ordinary plants into nutritionally dense giants that it has virtually eliminated the need for harsh chemical fertilizers.

News of this amazing natural fertilizer for plants is sweeping across the country. The product is called ProtoGrow™ and it’s dynamite in the garden. In fact, thousands of gardeners are now using this new “superfood” year round to make both indoor and outdoor plants go wild. What it also gives you is...

Nature's Original Super-Growth Formula!

ProtoGrow™‘s ingredients were developed in Maine by a researcher there. The product contains no harmful chemicals whatsoever. Its ingredients are a unique blend of the micronutrients from a very special kelp extract and the macronutrients from North Atlantic fish. (Fish emulsion is a natural source of a large number of major plant nutrients) Why North Atlantic kelp? For years it was a widely held belief that Atlantic kelp extract had almost magical properties. When a plant became exposed to this amazing substance, it grew like crazy!

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