Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Organic Garden

GEOLIFE™ Gardens & Farms is a highly-effective, organic input containing microorganisms, plant extracts, and humic acids.

During more than a decade of testing and use, GEOLIFE™ Gardens & Farms has consistently demonstrated the following typical benefits in many documented tests:

High yields
High quality produce (excellent taste, nutritional content, preservation, color, fragrance, size)
Excellent humus-generation
Regeneration of depleted soil
Soil & crops with vitality and resistance
Soil with excellent water retention capacity
Contributes to solutions for many environmental problems
Can be successfully combined with conventional fertilizers

GEOLIFE™ Gardens & Farms consists of 3 applications:

GEOLIFE™ Application #1 (inoculation of selected microorganisms). Apply before planting. First spread organic material on the soil – liquid or solid manure (odors disappear extremely quickly with GEOLIFE™), compost, or plant residue. A minimum amount of 2 inches is necessary for the microorganisms, as they need sufficient nutritive material available immediately.

If you do not have access to organic material, as a substitute, you may use a reduced percentage (30-50%) of conventional fertilizer. Nonetheless, in order to keep up sustainable humus for food production – depending on the quality of the soil – it will be necessary to periodically add some organic material.

GEOLIFE™ Application #2. Apply once per cultivation cycle, in the early stage of plant development.

GEOLIFE™ Application #3. Apply once or twice per cultivation cycle, when plants are at an advanced stage of development.

Get yours today and have your own Organic Garden.