Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nitro-Pak, Survival Garden Seeds #10 Can

Back In-Stock! A 1/2 Acre worth of seeds!
Now with nearly DOUBLE THE AMOUNT of Seeds. A Survival Must!

Our NON-HYBRID* Survival Garden Seedshave been really tough to come by. We were out-of-stock for almost 5 months due seed shortages, but we have been able to secure a new supply for our customers... for know, but who knows when we sell out again and have another long delay?

Need more than a few cans? SAVE even MORE when you buy by the case (6 cans per case)

Make No Mistake, These are NOT Your Normal Store Bought Seed Varieties!

Made for us by one of the nations top seed producers. Each of our Survival Garden Seed varieties has been specially selected for their long term vitality, the broadest climate adaptability, and long storage life. In addition, each seed group has been precisely dried to optimal moisture for long term storage. Each seed group is then individually heat sealed in a triple-layered foil packet to maintain the proper moisture.

As you can see, a lot of time, effort, research , and careful preparation has gone into these special seeds. They will store from 3 to 6 times or longer than normal store bought varieties when stored properly.

Each #10 size (5/6 of a gallon) contains a total of 16 - NON-HYBRID varieties of seed varieties.

Each can includes detailed seed information on each variety including soil preparation, recommended seed planting depths, spacing, germination temperatures, average planting dates, and days from planting to maturity. Information also included on seed collection for the next season.

Packets sealed in the can will store for 4-5 years or more at 75oF.
Studies done at Cornell University suggests that for each drop in storage of 75oF, the normal shelf-life
of most seed varities nearly doubles. Seeds can be refrigerated or placed in a freezer in the can to greatly extend their shelf-life.

    Seed Varieties Included in Each Can:

  1. 1 Sweet Garden Corn -- Golden Bantam 5 oz.
  2. 1 Pole Beans -- Blue Lake 5 oz.
  3. 1 Sweet Garden Peas -- Little Marvel 5 oz.
  4. 1 Carrot -- Scarlet Nantes 6 g.
  5. 1 Onions -- Utah Sweet Spanish 10 g.
  6. 1 Cabbage -- Golden Acre 10 g.
  7. 1 Swiss Chard -- Lucullus 8 g.
  8. 1 Beet -- Detroit Dark Red 8 g.
  9. 1 Winter Squash -- Waltham Butternut 6 g.
  10. 1 Tomato -- Ace 55 VF 3 g.
  11. 1 Zucchini Squash -- Black Beauty 6 g.
  12. 1 Lettuce -- Barcarolle Romaine 4 g.
  13. 1 Pepper -- Yolo Wonder 5 g.
  14. 1 Radish -- Champion 10 g.
  15. 1 Spinach -- Bloomsdale Long Standing 10 g.
  16. 1 Cucumber -- Marketmore 76- 8 g.

    Totals: 659 grams of Open Pollinated Non-Hybrid Vegetable Seed

    *Non-Hybrid seeds can be collected from the crop after harvest and used the next season for replanting. Many store bought seed are "hydrid" varieties and will not produce their own seeds.

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