Monday, May 25, 2009

How to plant seeds

First here is a list of materials you will need.

Containers: Use whatever you have on hand rather than buy them. Egg cartons, yogurt cups, butter cups or whatever you have.

Potting Mix or Dirt: I use rich dirt from my compost pile.

Seeds: Preferably heirloom.

Labels or Markers: Popsicle sticks work great.

Plastic bags: Ziplock or something like that.

Water: I think you got that one.

Now you are ready to get started.

Put some of your mix/dirt into a container.

Water the mix/dirt until it's damp not too wet, just damp.

Add one or two seeds to the container and cover with mix.

Tamp the mix down a little and water again.

Place your marker (Popsicle Stick ) into the container with the name of the seeds planted.

Place container into a plastic bag to keep it both warm and moist.

Place this in a warm spot in the house until seeds sprout.

Once seeds sprout take the container out of the plastic bag and keep it in the sun.

Remember to water regularly.

Once plant is about 6 inches tall you are ready to transplant to the garden or larger container.

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